Save time and customers without any commission

A simple and efficient booking management software, without intermediary or commission!

Stay independent with a simple, fast and efficient digital solution!

A restaurant that offers an online reservation tool registers 3 times more reservations than an establishment that does not. This is why OKO provides you with an online booking service that is essential for your business.

Make appointments and register reservations quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The software exists in several languages to satisfy foreign customers

In addition, this booking and appointment booking module is directly integrated into your website, mobile and social networks!

Digitize communication to simplify exchanges

OKO automatically sends all your customers a confirmation by email for each reservation.

Automatic notifications are sent to you for each new reservation or cancellation from our application

Your availabilities, holidays or closing dates and times can be configured on the interface in a few clicks!

Immediately measure the satisfaction of your customers and build their loyalty!

Customers automatically receive a satisfaction questionnaire after each reservation or online sale

They can leave a review to which you can reply privately in order to improve the customer relationship. A satisfied customer is a returning customer!

You can thus continuously adapt your services and improve their quality.

It is possible to publish these reviews to reinforce the confidence of future customers.